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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teacher Talk

I am so angry right now.
No, actually, beyond angry.... I'm in a blinding blogging fury of rage.
I expected academic standards to be different studying abroad of course.
I expected university life to be different.
I expected grading systems, assignment guidelines, classroom rules, all of these to be different.
But never did I expect that I would be treated as though I have no rights as a student.
At what point is it okay for professors to become so critical, that they shoot down any dreams that student might have?
Maybe I'm being overdramatic, or maybe I'm just angry, but in my opinion, teachers and professors are put in place to help their students, to inspire them to succeed, to give them motivation to one day become leaders themselves. Constructive criticism is welcomed when needed, but it should be complimented with positivity on the students strong points, not a constant berating of their inability to accomplish the teacher's impossible requirements. I could let this make me bitter and angry, and take it as a sign that I'm not cut out to teach English as a Second Language, and I should just give up....but I won't.
I won't because I believe there is a reason I came here, and while that reason isn't completely clear to me just yet, I'm almost positive it wasn't to be told that I'm not good enough.
Therefore, I will take the criticism with a grain of salt, and keep it as a reminder that if ever there comes a day where I put my ego and self-importance over my students success, not just in my classroom, but also in their life pursuits, I should put away teaching and pursue another career..... maybe debt collecting? a mercenary? or becoming a bounty hunter?

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