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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Airlines & Antibiotics

Bought my ticket!
I’m one of those people that procrastinates to no end, and I will almost always hold out if I think I can get a better deal…. After weeks of price watching however, I broke down & bought a three-way tickets- yep! You heard correctly, a three way ticket. After my semester studying abroad in South Korea I will continue my travels in Vietnam with the company of my wonderful boyfriend :) We are extremely excited for the trip, and have been doing nothing but planning & talking about it for weeks (truth be told, we are a little tired of just talking about it… we want to go already!) But alas, another five months until our trip L Meanwhile, plans and preparations continue. What will we be doing in Vietnam you may ask? We have decided to take full advantage of our Christmas break, and attempt to see as much of the country as we can in three to four weeks, returning mid-January just in time for Spring semester to start! 

Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam

Aside from buying my plane ticket, I also made steps towards getting my vaccinations before leaving. Needless to say, I was not too happy about this part of the trip, can we just not, and say we did?? 

I was excited....
until I got into the doctor's office....ouch!

After I got off the phone with the travel nurse, I was literally terrified! She told me I need vaccinations for Typhoid, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Japanese Encephalitis as well as antibiotics for Malaria…. Oh yeah! And while you’re in Vietnam, don't pet the monkeys…and that’s an order!! Apparently many people contract Rabies in Vietnam from getting a little too friendly with the wildlife. Obviously, I made a mental note to avoid doing just that!